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Are you passionate about animals? Do you resonate with our values? Have you always dreamed of working with animals and running your own successful business? Do you have the drive to succeed but don’t have the business knowledge and marketing expertise? 

  • Our Vision: Connecting humans to their hearts through the unconditional love of animals

  • Our Mission: Clients: To bring joy to the lives of your pets, free up your time and bring you peace of mind

  • Community: Working closely with charities, our mission is to help re-home as many homeless pets as possible.

  • Our Values: You can depend on us every time - We always go the extra mile - We treat your pets like our own

Licensee opportunities with Paws in the Park

We have licensee opportunities across Western Australia.


The most critical element of becoming successful as a Paws in the Park Licensee is having the drive and ambition to succeed. You may have started businesses in the past, but you could only grow it to a certain level due to your lack of business knowledge and limited marketing expertise. One of the biggest benefits of this opportunity is that you will have access to proven marketing strategies that have been developed and tested by an expert in the industry. This, along with your drive to succeed and take 100% responsibility for your results will be the winning combination to success. We will only take on people who are excited to build and grow their area to its maximum potential and you must be willing to be kept accountable to the goals you set and the tasks you will take in order to achieve your goals as an individual and as a licensee of Paws in the Park.

A good fit to become a licensee includes:

  1. Have the drive and ambition to succeed

  2. Have an entrepreneurial mindset 

  3. Have experience volunteering or working with animals

  4. Thrive on setting targets and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone

  5. Immense desire to help animals and provide exceptional service to clients

  6. Friendly disposition and a "people" person. You easily inspire, persuade and gain confidence

  7. Be professional in the way you behave and dress

  8. Excellent communicator 

  9. Excited to learn and develop your personal, business and marketing skills

  10. Be willing and able to dive into this opportunity immediately

  11. Have the support of those closest to you


The Benefits this Opportunity will provide are:

  1. Proven Marketing Strategies: You will need to have the drive and ambition to follow these strategies to gain success

  2. Instant business. Everything is already in place. 

  3. Save money: You’ll save time and money setting up your own business and making costly mistake

  4. Expert Support and Training: You receive ongoing support and training in all areas of business and marketingMonthly Coaching by an Expert Coach: We only want people who are highly motivated to market and grow their licensed areas.

Also included:

  1. You will be listed as a licensee on the Paws in the Park website, with your photo, bio and contact details

  2. Any previous Paws in the Park clients that come back on board in your area will automatically be passed onto you under the terms of our agreement

  3. Any new clients coming through any Paws in the Park website or marketing channels will contact you directly via email.

  4. Complete and comprehensive list of email and communication templates

  5. Complete and comprehensive manuals to provide top-notch service to your clients

  6. Access to our entire intellectual property database which includes all of our processes, procedures, strategies, manuals, worksheets to name a few.

If you are interested in becoming a licensee of Paws in the Park and would like to receive the information pack, please send a cover letter highlighting your experience with dogs and why you'd be a good fit to

Please note, if you live in a different area of Australia and are interested in this opportunity, please still get in touch as we will be opening up the opportunity nationally.

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