Kirsty Millar. Owner of Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

Kirsty - Owner

Kirsty began Paws in the Park December 2007. She had always worked with dogs but mainly in kennels, rescue homes and shelters. She had always dreamed of running her own business and one sunny day she decided to launch her dream into reality, thus began Paws in the Park.
Kirsty has a profound connection with animals and has been vegetarian since she was nine years old. She has become vegan with her philosophy on life being to respect all living beings. Her love of animals stretches across all breeds and species and she is often found rescuing lost dogs and cats.
Kirsty has extensive experience working with animals from having her own family pets to volunteering with neglected and abused animals. She also has a keen interest in dog behaviour and psychology. Kirsty will be launching a dog behaviour course in the near future, so keep posted.
Kirsty welcomes you to Paws in the Park and hopes you get as much enjoyment out of the services as she does providing it!

Lauren Hislop.jpg

Lauren - Walker / Sitter

I am a devoted animal lover which stems from an early age. I have memories of taking in and nurturing a variety of animals ranging from birds, lizards, cats, fish, lambs, joey's, echidnas and, of course, our beloved dogs. I am now at UWA completing my Zoology degree. My goal is to pursue a career working with animals  doing what I so passionately and genuinely love. I want to take care of our animal kingdom because I believe all cteatures of the Earth deserve love and support and without them the world would surely be a very sad place. I can't wait to care for your furbabys too like they are my own.

Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

Kirstyn - Walker / Sitter

I am a South African born animal lover and for as long as I can remember I have always had a strong passion for all types of animals, big and small. I have had the absolute pleasure of owning a variety of pets from a very young age including dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes and an iguana. I am currently studying Veterinary Science and now nearing the end of my degree I have gained deeper compassion and love for animal medicine and wellbeing.  
Animals have always been in the fore front of my dreams and desires and revolve around every aspect of my life. From travelling to India to help stray dogs and the array of events throughout my degree, to the daily cuddles with my two mischievous Persian X cats, I couldn't see myself living a life without animals. I love nature, the outdoors and being active.
In my time working at Paws in the Park I have adored every animal that I have been fortunate enough to care for, and look forward to looking after yours with the utmost respect and professionalism

Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

Chez - Walker / Sitter


I have been caring for my furry friends of all forms, shapes and sizes for the past 21 years. I have always had a love for all kinds of animals from a very young age. I was raised on a dairy farm which had a wide range of animals that we cared for by hand. Even the milking the cows was by hand. At the age of five I owned my own cow and calf and 4 dogs and it was my job to care for them as well as help out with the chickens and other farm yard pets.

Over the years I have had a couple of franchise businesses and also owned my own small business which all fulfilled my love of caring for animals and being outdoors.
I have also done a fair bit of doggy training over the years, grooming as well as many years of professional hydro-bathing by a mobile vehicle to thousands of businesses and homes. I can never have enough furry friends to care for. I'd love to meet yours, as my home is your furry friend's home too!

Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

Lauren - Walker / Sitter

Since her first pet at age 9, Lauren has kept as many different animals as possible, including guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, crazy crabs, snails, sea monkeys and dogs. Missing her guinea pigs terribly and looking forward to getting a bobtail skink, she currently lives with her two small, fluffy dogs, Jessy and GIR (pictured) who mean everything to her. 
Originally aiming to become a vet, she realised her interest in biology extended to wild animals as well and decided to pursue a more diverse career path. Having completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Biology at UWA, she believes in doing what is right for the environment and equality for all creatures. 
Lauren has a background in animal grooming and hospitality, as well as a keen interest in animal photography. During her holidays she volunteers at the Armadale Reptile Centre where she helps take care of lizards, snakes, ponies and even dingos! 
Lauren really enjoys pet-sitting for family and friends and cannot wait to do so for your special animals too, after all why shouldn’t your pets enjoy themselves as much as you while you’re on vacation!


Jamie - Walker / Sitter

Hi I'm Jamie, 

Animals have always been and always will be a deep passion of mine, and I know the privilege of having an animal companion is very rewarding.  I'm very comfortable with animals and enjoy their company, sometimes more so than peoples.  But I'm sure all pet owners have experienced this.  It's our pets’ display of un-conditional love and just being in the present is where we can find great friendship and wisdom. 

Whether you are busy working hard or trying to trying to find that time for yourself, I'd be honoured to make sure your pet is cared for and having a great time!    

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Elaine - Walker / Sitter

My entire life I have been surrounded by animals. I have always longed to surround myself with a cache of animals, big, small, scaly and furry. I have a keen interest in animal behavior and would love to study to become a behaviorist, working with disability animals. I love spending time with my animals, either taking my dog to the beach or cuddling my cat. I have experience walking all different types of breeds and sized dogs. I have experience volunteering in animal shelters as well as house sitting and providing other services, such as basic first aid, grooming and training.