I am so absolutely 100% convinced that once you try our pack dog walking service that you and your pooch won’t be able to live without us. That’s why I want to give you a whole month of dog walks to trial us absolutely FREE. 


Who are we and why are we giving you FREE walks for one whole month? 


Why are we offering free walks? Our hope is that you will be so completely and utterly delighted with our service that you want to continue with us our after the free month has ended. However, we only want you to continue if you are truly delighted with our service, you felt no guilt going to work, our photos and videos make you smile and you felt peace of mind knowing there was one less thing to do.


Most of our clients are hardworking mums, wives and professionals who are trying to keep the whole family together as well as holding down either a job or raising children and sometimes both. We know how hard you work, how many things you have to take care of and we know you probably never have time to take care of yourself and have some you time. Our goal is to free up an extra hour a day where you can actually take time for yourself, like read that book that’s been sitting on the shelf for months, get a massage or just sit and do absolutely nothing. We want to help as many mums, wives, working professionals and those who are all of those things rolled into one! We are here to support you instead of you having to do all the supporting.


About us: Paws in the Park is Perth’s first and only Pack dog walking specialists. We specialise in pack walks to improve your dog’s behaviour, etiquette, fitness, happiness levels, confidence and joy for life, as well as relieving your guilt and freeing up more of your time to enjoy life and family! 


Please note: Because of the generosity of this offer, we can only offer 10 free spots to the first 10 people who contact us.


What are the benefits of this offer for you?


1. FREE WALKS: Our normal charge is $99+gst per week for our 3 x 60-minute pack dog walks, plus $25+gst for the initial meeting. You’ll be saving $463.10 if you’re lucky enough to secure 1 of the 10 free spots.


2. JOY: Imagine a smile tugging at your cheeks when you receive a text at work. It’s a beautiful photo or video of your beloved dog frolicking on the beach with their doggie friends and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it reminds you about how much you love that beautiful dog.


3. PEACE OF MIND: Imagine coming home and feel relief knowing your dog has already been taken care of, so you can sit back and relax. It’s one less thing for you to do.


4. NO GUILT: Imagine not feeling guilty leaving your best friend with their big sad eyes staring up at you as you close the door heading to work, knowing they are going to have an absolute ball (literally) out in nature, getting fresh air as well as mental, physical and emotional stimulation.


What are the benefits of this offer for your dog?


1. FRIENDS: Dogs are social creatures. They are not meant to stay at home all day on their own. It’s actually very unnatural and can cause many issues for your beloved friend. Having a regular set of doggie friends that they see, is very balancing for your dog. These additional canine relationships add another level of joy to their lives.


2. REDUCED VET BILLS: We all know how beneficial exercise is for us and our pets. Exercise not only improves mental health, but also could potentially reduce vet bills as the dog ages. We all know that a healthy body means less illness and therefore fewer trips to the vet.


4. BALANCE MENTAL STATE: Like humans, dogs are susceptible to mental imbalances, such as OCD, separation anxiety amongst other mental imbalances. When your dog is out in nature, running freely, connecting with other dogs and humans and enjoying life, they are in their natural state. Having these experiences on a regular weekly basis will help to maintain your dog’s mental balance and we have seen many mental disorders reduced or eliminated from regular pack walking with other dogs.


ADDITIONAL BONUS! FREE meeting at your home worth $27.50: I know that you may have concerns about a stranger coming into your home, that’s why I wanted to give you the added bonus of a free meeting at your home to meet your walker face to face. All our walkers are police cleared and reference checked.


About the walks: 


Our Chihuahua package is 3 x 60-minute group walks each week. The offer is for 4 consecutive weeks for a total of 12 walks which saves you $463.10 over the month.


How do I qualify? 


In order to qualify for this amazing offer, you will need to be located in a suburb we service. Your dog will need to love other dogs, not have any previous aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or humans, be allowed off leash and returns on command. You must also love the idea of us giving 5% of our profits to help homeless pets.


What happens when I email to book?


First of all, we will set up your online profile, then we will book you in for your FREE meeting with one of our lovely walkers, so they can meet you and your dog and you can show them how to access your pet when you’re at work. I will then book in your free walks: (12 walks in total – 3 per week for 4 consecutive weeks). The meeting will take a total of about 30 minutes.


What happens after the month has finished?


Obviously, we would be delighted if you loved all of the benefits so much that you decided to stay on as a client. If you do become a client then we would add your preferred days into your schedule and voila, you are good to go. If you decide not to continue, no hard feelings, it was our pleasure to meet you and your dog and we hope your dog enjoyed the lovely walks.

Please note: Because of the generosity of this offer, we can only offer 10 free spots to the first 10 people who contact us.

Email us today to secure 1 of the 10 free spots.