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"To Help re-home as many homeless animals across Australia as possible"

Paws in the Park, Dog walking and Pet Sitting Service has been running successfully throughout Perth, WA over the last 12 years. Kirsty began the service because of one big reason; she loves animals. She wanted to create a service that pet owners could use and feel free of guilt when going to work or on holiday, safe in the knowledge that their pets would be loved, cared for and know they were having the most wonderful time in their owner's absense. But as time has gone on and with so many walking services available to pet owners, Kirsty realised there was a bigger mission to Paws in the Park that had been unrealised. She wanted to collaborate with the local community in Perth in creating something amazing. She wanted to use Paws in the Park as a platform to help re-home as many homeless animals across Australia as possible.

"To bring joy to the lives of your pets, free up your time and bring you peace of mind"

More than ever before, our lives are chock full of things to do, from work, walking the dog, attending to the kids and our spouses, among countless other commitments. We know how much you love your family, and often it is this area that can get neglected.

Our mission is to take some of that pressure off your shoulders like a really great friend who babysits your kids so you can have a night off and breath again. We know how guilty you feel when you leave your dog alone in the mornings and when you are too tired to take them on a long walk and only walk them around the block.

Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

We see ourselves as that really helpful friend who wants you to have more free time to do the things you love, spend more time with the children, spouse or friend and still enjoy your beautiful animal family too. 


Not only does giving us the task of walking and feeding your pets open up free time for you, it relieves the guilt you feel and gives you peace of mind to go about your day, knowing your pets are loved and their needs are being taken care of. Not only that, you feel so filled with joy that you are not only fulfilling their basic needs through our services, but your pets are experiencing great joy every day they are with us, from making special friendships with other doggie playmates, to learning doggie etiquette with all different breeds, increasing their confidence as well as the mental stimulation that comes from experiencing different environments and learning to play and enjoy the company of a pack, which is naturally calming for dogs.

We feel so blessed we can give all of this to you and your pets. This is the reason why we do what we do.


"Connecting humans to their hearts though the unconditional love of animals"

There has been a lot of research done on the impact animals have on the human psyche, from lowering blood pressure, to releasing good feeling hormones, but the one area that is less talked about is the benefit of the heart-opening ability of a human/animal connection. Our pets, dogs especially, have an uncanny ability to stay completely connected to their hearts, to greet us warmly on each and every occasion, see us as these perfect beings that they adore. Secretly, this is how all humans want to be seen by other human beings, but we put up barriers to protect our fragile hearts and keep others at a safe distance, but the blessing with our pets is we know their love is unconditional and will never be taken away from us, no matter how we look or behave around them; what a gift.

Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

Their unconditional and free flowing love for us can’t help but pull at our heart strings and our hearts open unconditionally to them. I believe that no human being can harm another when their heart is open and it is my vision to have Paws in the park facilitate this human/animal heart-opening experience by supporting charities in their re-homing process and donating a portion of our profits to assist them, resulting in this amazing union between animals and humans.

Join us in our vision to bring more people into their hearts through the unconditional love of animals.


"Trustworthy: You can depend on us every time"

We know you are cautious regarding your home and pets, this is normal human behavior. Like that great friend who is always there when you need them, we will always be there to help every time, keeping your home and pet’s safe.


"Caring: We always go the extra mile"

When someone cares, they are willing to do what it takes to ensure it’s done well and will complete additional tasks as and when required to ensure a job well done. This is what we pride ourselves on doing for you and your pets.

Paws in the Park, Perth's Pack Dog Walking Specialists

"Love: We treat your pets like our own"

As a conscientious business owner, I hire my staff based on the standards I would expect for myself. I only take on people who have a genuine adoration for animals. This ensures that your pets are treated with great respect and love. My staff are all police cleared, reference checked and go through an extensive recruitment process to ensure they uphold and live the company values, mission and vision. Our intensive and thorough recruitment process ensures that your pets are treated with the greatest love, affection and respect that they would receive from you.

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