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Paws in the Park is a professional and caring dog walking and pet sitting service that fulfills an important need in the lives of your pets by keeping them comfortable and happy while you are away. 


We provide a wide range of services for you and your pet all listed below. However if you cant quite find what you are looking for don't hesitate check in with the team and we will do our best to accommodate you and your pets.


*Please add gst to all of our pricing*

Pack Dog Walking Specialists in Perth
Cat Visits Paws in the Park Pet Sitting Services
Pack Dog Walking Specialists in Perth
Pack Dog Walking Specialists in Perth

Group Dog Walks

Our 1 Hour group dog walking service is designed to provide fun, exercise and mental stimulation.


Your beloved pet will be grouped with dogs of similar personalities and will receive one hour’s exercise (excluding travelling time) at various remote and open spaces throughout Perth suburbs, rivers and beaches. The Walk location is chosen at random depending on the day. After having a full hour of fun, play and interaction with other dogs, your dog will be delivered back home, tired, content and happy.

To be suitable for a group dog walk it is essential that your dog does not show any dog-to-dog aggression and be friendly toward humans. Your dog must also be allowed off leash and have good recall. For prices and inclusions for each package please click on the find out more buttons below:




30 Minute Dog Visit

Instead of sending your dog away to a kennel next time you go away, call Paws in the Park and we will happily come to your home and take care of your dog in their own familiar surroundings. A dog visit will include playing, feeding and fussing, refreshing water, collecting mail, watering plants and putting out the garbage. We’ll even feed any additional small pets free of charge. Even if you don't have a pet but need someone to collect mail, water plant and put the bins our. We can help!

30 Minute Visit $35
30 Minutes 2 Dogs $45
Extra Dogs $15 Each

Dog Visits. Paws in the Park Pack Dog Walking Specialists

In Home Care

In Home Pet Care

In home pet care. Paws in the Park Pack Dog Walkin Specialists

This service is great for those who prefer their beloved pet to stay in a secure and comfortable family home of one of our lovely pet-sitters. Your dog will have the run of the house and will have the company of other dogs. Our sitters homes' are secure and are an ideal place to leave your pet during those trips away.

1 Dog - $50.00 per night including a 30 minute walk

2 Dogs - $65 per night including a 30 minute walk

House and Pet Sitting

This service provides a live in pet sitter to look after your pet and to provide full security for your home whilst you are away. House sits with dogs must book at least one 30 minute walk per day for each dog.

*Exceptions: Clients with cats or elderly / sick dogs.*

Price starts from $65 per night which includes a 30 minute dog walk.
Extra dogs $15 each
Additional duties can be negotiated into the price

House Sitting. Paws in the Park Pack Dog Walking Specialists

Cat Visits

Cat visits. Paws in the Park Pack Dog Walking Specialists

In this 30 minute visit we feed, refresh water, clean the litter tray, and of course we play, cuddle and offer your cat lots of affection. This visit can also include collecting your mail, taking out the bins, watering your pot plants etc., We can also open and close curtains, turn on and switch off lights, and anything else you can think of to make your cat as comfortable as possible and increase the security of your home - all included in the our 30 minutes visit.

30 Minutes up to 2 cats $35
Extra cats $10 each

Fly-by Cat Visits

A Fly-by Cat visit includes feeding and fussing your cats, refreshing water, cleaning their litter tray, along with a quick cuddle before leaving.

Unallocated time up to 2 cats $30
Extra Cats $10.00 each

Fly-by Cat Visits. Paws in the Park Pack Dog Walking Specialists.

Pet Taxi

Paws in the Park Pack Dog Walking Specialists

The service of pet taxi is great for those occasions when you are not available to pick up or transport your animal. The service includes picking up your animal and taking them to your desired destination, whether that be the airport, vet or elsewhere. This service gives you complete peace of mind that your pet is in responsible hands and will arrive at their destination safely.

$30 flag fall plus $2.75 per k/m



All of the following services are add-ons to existing services. They cannot be booked as stand alone services.

Dog Feed 1 Dog - $10
Dog Feed 2 Dogs - $15

Poop Scoop - $15

Paws in the Park Pac Dog Walking Specialist
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